Saturday, 20 April 2019 17:38

Let Christ's love overshadow darkness

Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio G. Cardinal Tagle has called on the faithful to see the love in the risen Christ.

In his Easter message, Cardinal Tagle asked the faithful to see and to love Christ even during the times when they are enveloped by darkness because life is unbearable.

“We invite you to seize the power of love unleashed by the risen Christ this Easter, and with the love you have received, spread seeds of hope across our country," Cardinal Tagle said.

“Love is not just a word, it’s a lifestyle of seeing, encountering, and understanding other people. It is the lifestyle of Jesus, crucified and risen.  It is the style of being with and living for others in the belief that light will always overcome darkness,” he added.

Cardinal Tagle leads the Easter Vigil Mass held on April 20, 2019, at the Manila Cathedral. (Photo by Eric Paul Guanlao)

The Cardinal also said that like Christ who was abandoned and crucified on the cross, the faithful no longer feels love especially in these trying times where there is hunger, unemployment, addictions, indignities, abuse, hate speech, false accusations, killing, corruption, and human trafficking.

Citing these kinds of darkness that spread in the world, the Cardinal remains hopeful that kindness will still prevail.

“What difference can one act of kindness make in the face of unrelenting evil?  It can make all the difference in ways we can’t even imagine how because these small acts of care and love are crowned by the total self-giving of Christ crucified on the cross,” Cardinal Tagle said.

The Manila Archbishop who is also the President of Caritas Internationalis cited that an act of kindness can be expressed through a culture of encounter.

“We are called as Christians to encounter others and walk with them humbly, without judgment or pretensions of having the answer to all their problems,” Cardinal Tagle said.

“It is through these encounters that our hearts are opened and presented with new horizon and a renewed energy to move forward,” he said.

“It is through these encounters of love and caring that persons, families and communities are transformed from prisoners of despair into bearers of hope,” he added. (Jheng M. Prado / RCAM-AOC)


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