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Our History

  • On September 6, 1946, Msgr. Michael J. O’Doherty, D.D., became the 27th Archbishop of Manila until his death on October 13, 1949. He then witnessed how Manila became heavily devastated during the Second World War.


  • The Manila Cathedral of Intramuros, seat of the Archbishop of Manila, was heavily damaged during the liberation period. Archbishop O’Doherty had to transfer to the vacant “Instituto de Mujeres” in Tayuman, Tondo, Manila, which later became Manila Cathedral School in 1949.


  • In 1951, the adjacent lot of Manila Cathedral School became the site of a new parish. A Decree of Erection was signed by the 28th Archbishop of Manila, Most Rev. Gabriel M. Reyes, D.D., (the 1st Filipino Archbishop of Manila) on the 26th of August, 1951.


  • Citing Canons 1427 and 1428 of the old Code of Canon Law and in view of the sufficient number of inhabitants (30,000), the archbishop declared to separate and dismember from the jurisdiction of the parishes of Tondo, Gagalangin, Espiritu Santo and Trozo in order to erect the Immaculate Conception Parish at 287 Tayuman St., Tondo, Manila.


  • During the earlier years, the ground floor of the Manila Cathedral School served as the temporary parish church until on Dec. 4, 1954, the church was finally constructed and solemnly blessed by Fernando Cardinal Quiroga who served as the Papal Legate at the 1954 Marian Congress in Manila. The original boundaries of the parish were:


NORTH: Antipolo Street

SOUTH: F. Varona – Bambang Street

EAST: Bambang, Estero de San Lazaro,Tayuman, Almeda Street crossing Camarines, Tayabas, Batangas and Laguna until it reaches Antipolo Street

WEST: Estero de Reyna, Puente de Pretil, Juan  Luna, Batangas Street making a curve with rails of the train until connecting with Antipolo Street.

  • In January 10, 1986, His Eminence Jaime Cardinal Sin, D.D., the 30th Archbishop of Manila, made a decree revising the territorial boundaries of the Immaculate Conception Parish whereby the south part now extends to Claro M. Recto Street.


Parish priests of Immaculate Conception Parish:

  • Artemio G. Casas (Aug 1951-Dec 1951)
  • Arsenio Pineda (1951-1984)
  • Agerico Galang (1984-1989)
  • Severino Anatalio (1989-1993)
  • Alfredo Fermin (1993-1994)
  • Arsenio Bautista (1994-2000)
  • Enrique Santos (2000-2002)
  • Claro Matt M. Garcia (2002-present)