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Vicariate of Our Lady of Loreto


Kung gayon, kami ay:

• Buong katatagang nagbubukas ng sarili upang maging hubog na pamayanan;

• Magtataya ng aming talino, panahon at mga biyayang mula sa Ama, upang mapalakas ang maka-Kristyanong pamumuhay at pakikipag-ugnayan ng tao sa Diyos;

• Handang harapin at tugunan ang mga hamon at palatandaan ng panahon; at,

• Patuloy na sama-samang manindigan na mamuhay nang may kabanalan bilang pakikiisa sa mapanligtas na Misyon ng Santa Iglesya tungo sa pagiging buhay at dinamikong bayan ng Diyos.


Kami, ang Parokya ng Sacred Heart of Jesus, Sta. Mesa, Maynila, ay nagpapatotoong pamayanan na pinasisigla ng Buhay na Salita; masayang nagkakabuklod-buklod sa pagdiriwang ng Banal na Eukaristiya; sama-samang naglalakbay nang may pag-iibigan at pagpapahalaga sa lahat ng nilikha tungo sa kaganapan sa buhay.

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Our History

Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish
  • Fr. Marcelino de Solt, OFMCap (1911-1914)
  • Fr. Salvador de Solzono, OFMCap (1914-1915)
  • Fr. Pedro Renteria, OFMCap (1915-1918)
  • Fr. Isaac de Azpeitia, OFMCap (1918-1921)
  • Fr. Joaquin de Inza, OFMCap (1921-1930)
  • Fr. Ladislao de Busturia, OFMCap (1930-1942)
  • Fr. Gil de Legaria, OFMCap (1942-1955)
  • Fr. Rogelio de Bedona, OFMCap (1955-1957)
  • Fr. Carlos de Urzainqui, OFMCap (1957-1959)
  • Fr. Ezequiel de Torrano, OFMCap (1959-1970)
  • Fr. Jesus Ch. Mendoza, OFMCap (1970-1972)
  • Fr. Bernandino Cumagun, OFMCap (1972-1973)
  • Fr. Angel delos Arcos, OFMCap (1973-1978)
  • Fr. Fidel Galindez, OFMCap (1978-1981)
  • Fr. Alfredo Micua, OFMCap (1981-1985)
  • Fr. Paulino Velasquez, OFMCap (1985-1988)
  • Fr. Gabriel Guevarra, OFMCap (1988-1994)
  • Fr. Wilson Ramirez, OFMCap (1994-1995)
  • Mario Enriquez (1995-2001)
  • Fr. Eugene Castaneda (2001-2011)
  • Rev. Fr. Joselino Tuazon (2011-present)

The district of Santa Mesa at the beginning of the 20th century was simply a barrio of Sampaloc, with scattered poor houses occupied by people emigrating from the provinces. It was only in 1903 when a certain Mrs. Fressel built a small chapel on the same site on which stands the present church.

In this chapel a Jesuit priest used to celebrate mass and administer some baptisms with the license coming from Msgr. Jeremiah Harty, the Archbishop of Manila. The parish of the Sacred Heart of Jesus was formally erected on February 11 1911, the care of which was entrusted to the Franciscan Capuchins.

The superior of the Catalonian Capuchins, Fr. Marcelino de Solt, formally accepted “the direction and administration of the church of Santa Mesa” on March 18 1911. Priests from the Franciscan Capuchin Order built the first edifice, repaired and renovated the church as needed and revolutionized the parish into action. They organized religious groups and formed lay leaders who later worked hand in hand with them in serving the needs of the people of Santa Mesa.

In 1948 Fr. Gil de Legeria also built a makeshift chapel on Lakas street in Bacood. Two years later, a chapel of mixed materials was built on a lot purchased by the faithful and was blessed by the Archbishop Gabriel Reyes. This was erected as the Our Lady of Fatima Parish Church on July 14 1962 with Msgr. Arsenio Bautista as first Parish Priest.

A chapel was also built within the compound of the National Development Corporation (NDC). The NDC ladies Club later known as Kababaihan Alay-Lingap ng NDC Inc., was organized which helped in the promotion of socio-religious awareness among the residents of the NDC Compound. For a certain period of time, the said chapel was placed under Chaplaincy and was established as a Parish of Nuestra Senora de Salvacion in 1994 with Fr. Nelson Orqueto as the first parish priest.

Among the many benefactors of Santa Mesa Church, Mrs. Albina Tuazon deserves special mention. She donated to the Capuchins the lot on August 26 1941. The donation however was not effective until May 1955. On their part, the Capuchins donated the lot to the Archbishop of Manila on November 13 1962. Since that day, both the parish church and the land of Sta. Mesa belong to the Archdiocese of Manila.

However, on November 10 1962, the Archbishop of Manila granted “the administration of Sta. Mesa Church to the Superior de la Corporacion Filipina de Padres Capuchinos, Inc. for a period of 50 years from the date thereof.”

There was also have been a member of Catholic groups organized in the parish: the Holy Name Society and the Legion of Mary (1940’s); Adoracion Nocturna Filipina (Turno 713), Apostolado de la Oracion and Catholic Women’s League (1950’s); Catholic Charities, Christian Family Movement, Confraternity of Christian Doctrine, Cursillos in Christianity, Sta. Mesa Cooperative Union and Knights of Columbus (1960’s); Venerable Order Tercera (SFO), Barangay ng Birhen, Lay Eucharistic Ministers, Lector’s Group, Family Rosary Crusade, Choral Group Council, Little Knights of the Altar (1970’s); Neo-Catechumenate (1980’s); Catholic Charismatic Group, Men of the Sacred Heart (1980’s); El Shaddai and Couples for Christ (1990’s) and during the mid 90’s, the Ushers and Collectors Sub-Ministry (now MGC); and the late 90’s the Kalakbay-Puso Kapitbahayan (BEC) of the parish was launched.

The Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish has a parochial school which started offering elementary education in 1947 and in school year 2003-2004, it started offering secondary education. At present it has changed its name to Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic School.

On March 31 1995, the administration of the parish was given back to the Archdiocese of Manila with Msgr. Mario Enriquez as Parish Priest, guest priest Rev. Wenceslao ‘Buboy’ San Andres, and Rev. Fr. Edgardo Coroza (at present the parish priest of Our Lady of Fatima Parish in Bacood, Sta. Mesa) who was a deacon then. They were later joined by Rev. Fr. Joselito Martin, who after the year was appointed parish priest of the Sta. Lucia Parish in Novaliches and now assigned at the San Carlos Seminary. Fr. Estelito Villegas (at present Parish Priest of Sts. Peter and Paul, Makati City) also served the parish as Deacon and as Parochial Vicar immediately after his ordination. Rev. Fr. Jun Sescon, who served as Secretary of the late Jaime Cardinal Sin at the Villa San Miguel also served in the parish as Deacon, and was later replaced by Rev. Fr. Mark Munda, who is at present actively serving as Rector of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic School and parish priest of Ina ng Laging Saklolo Parish, Punta, Manila. Other priests who served the parish as guest priests were: Fr. Peter Joe Dagsi, Fr. Jerome Aguilar, Fr. Jojo Larombe, Fr. Rene Ignarcio , Fr. Eduardo Ulloa and Fr. Felipe Santos. There were guest priests who assisted Fr. Eugene in his pastoral work: Fr. Gerry Cabije, Fr. Jimmy Faustino (from the Diocese of Marbel), Fr. Reji John, CMI (from India), Fr. Gines Boada (from Romblon), Fr. Kommareddy Marreddy (from India) and Fr. James Cin Len Khai (from Burma, now Myanmar), who, at present, is still with the parish.

On February 7 to 8 1998, the parish conducted the ‘Kaganapan ng Buhay sa Parokya,’ a seminar-workshop for the leader of the parish where the firsr Vision-Vision-Goal of the parish were drawn up.

On March 27 2001, the second Diocesan Parish Priest of Sta. Mesa, Rev. Fr. Eugene Castaneda, was welcomed by the parishioners with open arms having experienced ‘communio’ with the first Diocesan parish priest, Msgr. Mario Enriquez.

On February 7 2002, the Parish Pastoral Council held ‘Kaganapan ng Buhay sa Parokya, part 2’ where the participating lay leaders prepared a Parish Plan with Tatang Mendoza as Facilitator. In September 2004, the parish had an evaluation of its past activities with Marvic Roldan as Facilitataor which led to the preparation of the Parish Pastoral Council Policies and Guidelines.

In February 2005, the first set of the PPC officers and ministry heads were appointed to implement the prepared PPG’s.

During this term of the PPC, it became all te more active in all the ministries- Worship, Education, Social Services, Youth, Public Affairs, BEC Kalakbay-Puso Kapitbahayan, Music, Ecology, Family and Life, and Persons with Disabilities. To better respond to the multi-faced needs of the parishioners, it strengthened its linkages with Caritas-Manila and attended all the meetings and assemblies called by the RCAM, in particular the MAGPAS and Pondo ng Pinoy Assemblies.

After almost 10 years of service to the parish, Fr. Gene was replaced by Rev. Fr. Joselino Tuazon who came with Fr. Jayvee Zuniga and Fr. Armand Tangi, SSP. Rev. Fr. Kristoffer Habal also served the parish as Deacon and a few months before his ordination, he was replaced by Rev Fr. Jeremiah Adviento.

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